Caleb Bryant Miller

Brooklyn based photographer

+1 505 552 2532

Tran and Caleb found each other in 2011 in Austin, Texas. After a beautiful summer spent traveling in the south of France, they moved to Brooklyn, New York to begin a their dream of a lifelong creative and romantic collaboration. Riding their tandem bicycle, they scour the city in search of beauty, truth and love through their camera lenses.

When they're not photographing weddings, Tran runs a vintage womenswear shop on Etsy called muzukashii onna, or "complex woman" in Japanese, with Tran modeling and curating the clothes and Caleb photographing his beautiful muse in their Bed Stuy brownstone apartment.

Their photographic work and wanderlust has taken them around the world: to Paris, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Thailand and Vietnam. For a sneak peek behind the scenes, check out their Instagram feeds – @tranish, @calebbryantmiller and @muzukashiionna.

Photo by Sam Polcer (from his book New York Bike Style)